No matter how much a new parent prepares for this life change, it’s a substantial shift.

Whether this is your first child or the most recent of many, whether you are a biological parent or have a bond built from love and a promise to nurture and protect, whether your baby is a newborn or new to your family — this is an incredible stage in your life.

Maybe it doesn’t feel how you expected it to.

Maybe your birth plan didn’t go as expected, or you’re not feeling the immediate bond and attachment the baby books promised.

Perhaps you’re irritable towards your partner and other children, or you don’t feel like yourself anymore and wonder if you ever will again.

Even if everything is going as planned, there may still be a difficult adjustment to parenting.

In fact, mood disorders are the most common complications to arise from childbirth. If you feel like your moods have drastically shifted, you’re not alone — it can and should be addressed with someone who can care for you.

No matter how you are feeling as a new parent, there is nothing wrong with you. Finding a therapist who understands what you are going through with your body, your hormones, and your life changes can be a relief.

You are not alone.

If you are preparing for another birth and are still struggling with experiences from a previous birth, or if you’re struggling to care for your new baby and also caring for your partner and other family members, coming to therapy can help calm the storm within.

If you’re feeling isolated, overwhelmed, confused, or just not yourself in this new stage of life, let’s work together to feel more grounded and find your safe footing on the path forward.

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