Information for Intensive EMDR Psychotherapy Sessions

Please read the following information about how I work with clients to resolve trauma using intensive EMDR sessions. This model is designed for clients who want to focus on specific traumas that have kept them feeling “stuck” or not living to their full potential. The benefits of this model are that a client may move through one or more targets with more time and space to allow the processing to continue without interruptions typical to a regular session. There is often more safety and deeper understanding of your healing. Presently, this model is not fully covered by insurance. Please read the financial investment below to help you decide whether you wish to commit to the expense of this treatment. 

Intensive EMDR can be an alternative to, or an addition to, talk therapy and works well with many models. I work with both. I can see you for EMDR as an adjunct to your treatment if you are already seeing another therapist. In this case, I work collaboratively with the primary therapist, to assess fit and to set treatment goals. Working in this model or utilizing EMDR intensives as its own treatment, I set aside extended timeslots for clients to undertake, and to complete their work. If we are already working individually together and utilizing this approach, we can set up time for extended sessions. My clients are able to clear trauma within a more condensed time frame and move on with their lives, unburdened.

If you are interested after reviewing this information, I will send you an initial questionnaire and screening. At each of these initial steps we are working to assess whether EMDR is a good fit for your overall treatment plan. Not all clients are a good match for EMDR, and not all clients are a good match for this Intensive model of working. In instances where there is not a good fit, I will provide you with my list of other resources.

The next step is to meet to discuss EMDR, to go over any questions you may have, and to start to identify specific goals and possible targets for the work. This may be covered in a regular 50 minute or in many cases, an extended 90 minute session. At that time, we will decide together whether to proceed with scheduling the intensive EMDR sessions. The goal would be to schedule these treatment sessions to take place within a shorter window of time usually within roughly one-two weeks of each other. Please note that although we may agree to go forward with the intensive treatment model, it may take a few weeks before these initial reprocessing visits can be scheduled.

How long will the sessions be?

Typically, I will schedule a series of 90 minute to 3 hour sessions. Preferably these will be within a few days of one another or up to week apart.

In some cases where there is an urgency to move through the trauma processing, we may do more of a “retreat’ style with two long sessions in a day, sometimes with back to back days, or two full days in close time proximity. We will discuss and craft your schedule together.

What do these sessions look like?

Everyone is different, but you will have the time and space to process traumatic material, experience deeper connection with your authentic self and create new positive shifts to enable more freedom to move forward in your life.

Although we will be working for the full 3 hours, we will take breaks as often as you need, to stretch, drink some water and use the bathroom.

We will be doing EMDR for much of the session, there may be times for short breaks to talk, but this model is designed to “stay out of the way and let the body and brain heal itself”.

If at any time you need to stop or take a longer break, that is totally fine. I will be there to assist you in the process, but you are in control of what is manageable for you.

Cost for Intensive EMDR Sessions

I currently take some insurances which will cover the cost of the initial consultations up to 50 minutes. I may also be able to bill insurance for the first hour of the intensive EMDR session.

The cost of the two hours beyond the first hour are out of pocket, and not covered by insurance. My rate is $200/hour beyond the initial hour. If we do not use all the hours we planned, I will not charge you for the time not used. I will better be able to predict the likely amount of time your therapy will take after reading your answers to the screening questionnaires and our goal setting meeting. I will be able to further discuss the cost, scheduling guidelines, and goals with you if you decide you would like to proceed to an in-person evaluation.

While the cost for care in this manner can be considerable, the benefits can be life changing and the long-term robustness of healing with EMDR has been researched and documented. It can certainly at points, be hard work, but with tremendous payoff. The word that clients have used with me repeatedly, is “Lightness”. As in: “There is just this sense of lightness, where before it felt so heavy.” The investment, the work, and the benefit can be one of the most important gifts you will ever give yourself.

You may find it useful to familiarize yourself a bit with EMDR if you have not already, a step which is not required but may be helpful.

The EMDR International Association website has a huge library of resources and research papers. I am also happy to provide you with other recommended readings.

 Thanks for your interest in intensive, or extended EMDR. I look forward to exploring the option of this transformational work with you, should you decide to pursue it.

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